ESI ePhoneGO™ Mobile Application Now Available for iOS and AndroidSmartphones

ESI ePhoneGO™ keeps on-the-go users connected to corporate phone system features Estech Systems, Inc. (ESI), a provider of business communication solutions that are intuitive, simple to use and uniquely integrated, today announced the release of the ESI ePhoneGO™ mobile application for iOS and Android™ smartphones to support increased connectivity for today’s growing and evolving mobile workforce. ESI ePhoneGO™ replaces ESI Ditto™ as the mobility application for ESI eCloud PBX™ users.

“Despite that fact that the workplace is no longer defined by sitting at a desk, and remote workers and road warriors are more prevalent than ever – many businesses experience decreased productivity because they often fail to provide the right technology to support those workers. Today’s mobile workforce needs a solution to keep them connected to their office regardless of where they are working from.” said George Platt, ESI’s Chief Executive Officer. “As the mobile workforce continues to grow at a rapid rate, it is important for businesses to equip their employees with integrated and streamlined mobile apps to meet their evolving needs. The ESI ePhoneGO mobile application keeps users connected to their business communications solution, including visibility of corporate contacts, simplified dialing plans, transfer capabilities and call recording options, so they can work from any location just as if they were still in an office.”

ESI ePhoneGO™ mirrors the functionality of an ESI business phone, and offers a streamlined user interface which is essential for employee adoption of mobile applications. As part of the award-winning ESI eCloud PBX™ phone system, ESI ePhoneGO™ allows users to place and receive calls on their mobile smartphones while remaining connected to their corporate directories, voice mail messages, contact lists and company directories.

ESI ePhoneGO features include:

  • Receive calls placed to your corporate extension
  • Broadcast business Caller ID information rather than personal name/number
  • Transfer calls (supervised or blind) just like on your desk phone
  • Visual voice mail with click-to-dial call-back functionality
  • Dynamic Call Park queues
  • Record calls directly from the application
  • Seamless WiFi-to-cellular data handoff to maintain connection based on network availability
  • Aggregated contacts that synchronize corporate contacts with the users’ smartphones
  • View coworkers’ availability in the corporate directory
  • Apple® CallKit integration for easy application control and support
  • Apple® Push Notification service alerts you of incoming calls and prolongs battery life

The ESI ePhoneGO™ application is part of the company’s broader portfolio of end-to-end cloud solutions designed to increase productivity in work environments that rely on both desk phones and mobile smartphones.