Don’t Fear the Cloud

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing, ESI

Although cloud based technology isn’t exactly new, we’re still learning the different ways it can be used to improve business operations and processes. While the technology has already proven to be a positive commodity to most businesses, there are surprisingly still some out there who are fearful of integrating the cloud into their existing company infrastructure. Part of this is in response to the few highly publicized cloud breaches and security, but for many it’s also due to a lack of knowledge, particularly regarding the option of the hybrid cloud.

A hybrid cloud solution can enable your business to become more agile, competitive and cost efficient. When it comes to communications, a hybrid approach can bring you features that reduce the cost of connectivity in half without making any kind of technology cuts. An on-site IP-based phone system merged with the power of SIP connectivity gives you the power to manage your phone system locally, while reaping the benefits of the cloud.

Business productivity will increase with the hybrid cloud by making automatic call distribution easy and integrating administration, making system management simple. Multi-site support, built-in access control and intelligent caller ID are a few other features that the hybrid cloud make possible that can encourage continued business growth.

As your business continues to grow and it comes time to scale up, the hybrid cloud makes this process easy by allowing you to expand capacity whenever you need it. You can purchase as few as two lines, or as many as you need. The reliability of an onsite system with the benefits of VoIP ensures the process of transitioning to a full cloud solution happens at whatever pace you choose.

There’s nothing to fear about the cloud, but we can understand why many are hesitant to change over to this new technology. Gain many of the benefits of the cloud without taking on as much risk by implementing a hybrid cloud based system, and we believe your company will see just why so many others continue to move in this direction.