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Choosing the Right Phone & Internet Provider for Your Business

The choices are endless. The paperwork is maddening, and you don’t know who to trust. You already trust Phones Plus.Biz with your communication equipment needs. Why not use our one-stop shop and skip the web surfing and get right to the best solution for YOUR business from a trusted partner who knows your business? 

We are a full service telecommunications agent in the Stateline (IL & WI) area representing over 100 different telephone and internet providers. Being a telephone company allows us to provide you with the following:

  • We will find you the best deals available for your application.
  • We will make sure the services are compatible with your telephone equipment.
  • Our technicians will help trace down and identify all lines and circuits.
  • Our technicians will be on site free of charge during the transition.
  • We include “Who’s at Fault” service so that you are not caught in the middle of any “finger pointing”.
  • We will follow up to ensure that your provided services and billing are accurate.

Sangoma’s global footprint extends to millions of customers using our products and services in leading PBX, IVR, contact center, carrier network, and data communication applications.

Sangoma is renowned for providing plug-and-play communications solutions for businesses that want the power of an enterprise-grade phone system at a price that is affordable. And Sangoma’s pricing models boost anticipated returns on investment for new phone systems by eliminating hidden fees, avoiding costly add-ons, and simplifying complicated licensing fees.

Sangoma is the primary developer and sponsor of Asterisk and FreePBX, the two largest open source communications projects in the world. This powerful engine of innovation keeps Sangoma’s commercial offerings on the cutting edge of VoIP security and reliability, as well as Unified Communications (UC) functionality.

Sangoma’s turnkey UC business phone systems can both scale up to accommodate large configurations for thousands of users as well as down for small businesses with just a few users, providing an affordable solution for every organization.

Sangoma offers flexible deployment options, all utilizing the same code base. This allows Sangoma to accommodate businesses in every stage of their growth. With no motivation to push a particular deployment type, Sangoma solution specialists can provide honest guidance in addressing the communications needs of an organization.

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Estech Systems Inc (ESI)

Based in the USA, ESI provides a unique, easy to use, all inclusive system that includes built-in features like voicemail, caller ID , call recording, automated attendant and a built- in help guide that is there 24/7 if you need help. This state of the art system offers VoIP applications for both small and large businesses, SIP, PRI circuits, T1 circuits and analog connectivity.
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Toshiba America Information Systems Inc., Telecommunication Systems Division offered business communication solutions for small and medium enterprises, as well as regional locations of large corporations. Unfortunately, Toshiba’s Telecommunication Systems Division ceased selling new equipment and system licenses as of October 31, 2019. If you still have a Toshiba system, Phones Plus.Biz, Inc. has an extensive inventory of replacement parts and phones, along with trained technicians to keep your Toshiba system working until we can help you design a replacement.
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Phones Plus.Biz, Inc. offers high-quality security cameras to protect your business, ensure liability protocols are being followed by your staff and by visitors to your locations, and to notify you of a security problem after hours. A leading global security company, Hanwha Techwin has built its professional expertise in the video surveillance business through its world-leading optical, manufacturing and image processing technologies, accumulated about 30 years since their first launch of a surveillance camera in 1991. 

As the world welcomes the 4th Industrial Revolution, Hanwha Techwin leads the market by taking advantage of next-generation technologies, such as Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI). They also offer solutions tailored to meet the requirements of various vertical markets. By offering cybersecurity that customers can trust and rely on, Hanwha Techwin is growing as a total security solution company which provides high satisfaction and value, as well as real-life practical benefits.

Maintenance Program

Although the products that we sell are of the highest quality and we honor the manufacturers’ warranties, after some time things can go wrong. That’s why a number of our customers use a maintenance contract (our Platinum Partner program) to protect their investment and help to budget for any programming changes, repairs, etc. And because we do sell such reliable equipment, our maintenance contracts are very reasonably priced.
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