About Phones Plus.Biz

Phone Systems in Madison, Janesville, Beloit and Rockford

Phones Plus has delivered professional phone services to businesses around Janesville, Madison and Rockford for over 36 years.

Established in 1984, Phones Plus.Biz, Inc. has and will always remain committed to establishing and maintaining lasting business relationships with our clients spread across South Central Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Because Phones Plus.Biz offers innovative voice, video, security camera, and data networking solutions, we can be your trusted “one-stop shop” to help increase your profitability and give you a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

Products & Services

Because we have been around for so many years already, and because we plan to be around for the long haul, we build successful business relationships based on trust.

We work with you to suggest technology that makes sense for your business, and we realize that today’s technology won’t necessarily be tomorrow’s solution, and we’ll help you plan accordingly. Phones Plus.Biz recognizes the importance of building technology around people, not people around technology, and this means giving you the solution that you will ACTUALLY USE, not just the latest and greatest buzzword. Technology implementation is only successful if it works and achieves greater profitability for you.

Multi-location applications are our specialty. Our unique understanding of national and government accounts enables Phones Plus.Biz to institute a solution that many multi-location companies desire to help control costs. As an industry leader, Phones Plus.Biz has created lasting partnerships with all of the manufacturers we represent and with other authorized dealers throughout the country. Small business to large enterprise and everything in between, trust Phones Plus.Biz to find YOUR solution.