Phone/Internet Providers

Choosing the Right Phone & Internet Provider for Your Business

We are a full service telecommunications agent in the Stateline (Janesville, Madison, Rockford and surrounding) area representing over 30 different telephone and internet providers. Being a telephone company allows us to provide you with the following:

  • We will find you the best deals available for your application.
  • We will make sure the services are compatible with your telephone equipment.
  • Our technicians will help trace down and identify all lines and circuits.
  • Our technicians will be on site free of charge during the transition.
  • We include “Who’s at Fault” service so that you are not caught in the middle of any “finger pointing”.
  • We will follow up to ensure that your provided services and billing is accurate.

Some of Our Partners Include…

  • AT&T
  • Band Wave
  • Broadvox
  • BCN
  • Charter
  • Clear Fly
  • Comcast
  • ESI Hosted
  • Nitel
  • Spectratel
  • TelecomOne
  • TDS
  • Time Warner
  • TNCI
  • Toshiba  Hosted
  • US Signal
  • Wind Stream
  • and many more.