Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  My phones are dead, how do I fix them?
A:  Check to see if your phones are lit up and on.  Push hook button on fax machine.  If you don’t hear a dial tone and your phone lights are on call your phone company.

Q:  I hear cracking on the phone, how do I get rid of it?
A:  Try a different hand set, line cord, or different phone.  If you still have problems call your phone system provider or carrier.

Q:  My screen on my phone keeps flipping out.  How do I fix it?
A:  Replace line cord from phone to wall.  Call your phone system provider.

Q:  People sound distant or they can’t hear me.
A:  Try a different handset, line cord, phone.  Make sure your volume is turned up on your phone.

Q:  Do you do home phone service?
A:  Unfortunately we don’t.  However if a jack needs to be hooked up or need a line ran to a room or you have built a new home and need wiring done we can do that.