Dispelling small business worries about office phone systems

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

So you run a small business that’s on the verge of getting an office phone system. Congratulations! But unfortunately, there are a few things holding you back. What’s slowing down the shift are some fears that you have about what a move to an advanced business phone system means. To help you out with those, let’s take a look at the fears – and provide answers that will ease your mind.

Concern: The adoption of an advanced office phone system will be expensive and will leave you short on change.

Answer: Actually, the opposite is true – the deployment of a phone solution represents one of the best investments out there because of all the money you’ll save! As The Houston Chronicle points out, an advanced phone system saves you green because it ends up consolidating your phone service and eliminating the need for pricey hardware and frequent updates. If you’re using an outmoded phone for your business, it might seem cheaper, but in reality the associated hardware costs as well as the lack of productivity tied up with it are holding your organization back.

Concern: It will disrupt the business and be hard to manage.
Answer: An advanced phone solution is not a business disrupter – it’s an enhancer. That’s because such systems are built to be user-friendly and highly navigable. And what this navigability invariably leads to is a more cohesive enterprise environment and one in which more gets done. As azcentral pointed out, for instance, one of the features of an advanced phone system is conference calling, which can go a long way toward bringing an office closer together.

So with these concerns dispelled, what are you waiting for? Look into a business phone system for your small enterprise today at http://www.esi-estech.com!